msip GUI Tool

msip is the GUI part of MetaSIP that allows the bindings developer to create a project that contains the history of the API of one or more libraries.

To install msip, run the following command:

pip install metasip[gui]

The image below shows the GUI with the project for PyQt6 opened.


The image shows the three main areas of the GUI:

  • the main area shows the complete API as a tree structure with the top level Python package as it’s root

  • the area on the right side (the Scanner) shows a number of header directories containing the individual header files that define the libraries APIs

  • the area at the bottom shows various error and progress messages that may be issued by the scanner.


The workflow to create a set of bindings can be summarised as:

  • specify the name of the root package (if multiple modules are going to be created)

  • specify the individual Python modules to be created (typically one for each library)

  • specify the directories containing the header files than define the APIs of each library (a well designed library will typically have its own header directory)

  • scan each header directory so that each header file appears in the Scanner and marked as Needs assigning

  • assign each header file to one of the Python modules or mark it as Ignored

  • parse each assigned header file so that it appears under the module in the main part of the GUI and contains each API item defined in the header file

  • review each API item marked as Unchecked, specifying any required SIP annotations, directives or handwritten code, and updating the status to Checked, Ignored or Todo as appropriate.

When a new release of the libraries is made then a corresponding new version is defined in msip, the workflow reset, and the above workflow is repeated. msip will only change the status of an existing API item to Unchecked if the item has changed in some way since the previous release. This dramatically reduces the amount of work that the developer needs to do when a new release is made.

When a project is opened then the tree in the main part of the GUI is only expanded to show API items that are not Checked to make it easy for the developer to identify the tasks that are still outstanding at any time.

Use msipgen to generate the .sip files from the project.