Release Notes


Support for Python v3.8

The code has been fixed to enable it to be run under Python v3.8.

Resolves #13


Regression fixes

The following regressions from the PyQt5 based version were fixed:

  • crash when resetting the workflow

  • crash when scanning a header directory

  • a scanned header directory did not expand to show files that need parsing

  • crash when parsing a header file

  • slots and signals were not recognised as existing methods

  • crash when adding a new header file to a module

  • drag and drop didn’t work

  • some new API elements were not initialised as Unchecked.

Resolves #12


Initial documentation

Created the initial, very superficial documentation hosted at Read the Docs.

Resolves #8

Platform-specific header directory properties

The header directory properties that specify the header files to scan (ie. the suffix directory and the file filter) have now been combined into a single header file pattern.

The properties of a header directory (ie. the header file pattern and the C++ parser arguments) can now be specified in the scanner tool GUI on a per-platform basis.

Resolves #7

Added support for attaching comments to API items

The Comments... option has been added to the context menu of the API editor to allow multi-line comments to be attached to any API item. These comments are placed above the API item in the generated .sip file.

Resolves #11

Defining the default handling of keyword arguments

It is now possible to configure a module’s default handling of keyword arguments in the module properties dialog.

Resolves #10

Improved support for typedefs

The typedef properties dialog has been added.

typedefs can now have docstrings.

Resolves #9

Resolving legacy TODOs

The project format version is now v0.17.

The output directory suffix of a module is now deprecated and the name of the module is used instead.

The user is now warned that the project format will be updated if it is saved. In previous versions the format was updated, with the user’s permission when the project was loaded.

The access specifier of a super-class is always generated in a .sip file. In previous versions public was omitted to be compatible with old versions of sip.

Resolves #6